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"I don't think there's anything to be afraid of. Failure brings great rewards -- in the life of an artist."
-- director QUENTIN TARANTINO, on the pressure to repeat the smash success he had with "Pulp Fiction."



Table Of Contents

The Holy Grail of Tarantino

-HTML Version of the Frequently Asked Questions version 2.0

-Text Version of the Frequently Asked Questions version 2.0

Secrets of Pulp Fiction - Roger Ebert's excellent article on the many nuances of Pulp Fiction

Jackie Brown A little Jackie Brown page

Quentin Tarantino Filmography - A complete list of all Quentin's Films

courtesy Johnnie J Young

The Tarantinoverse - a comparison of QT's films and compares and contrast various aspects which seem to carry into all of Tarantino's Films.

The Sequence of Pulp Fiction - A summary of Pulp Fiction, in sequential order.

Charlie Rose Interview - A transcript of Quentin's interview with Charlie Rose

An RD Fans Retort From Usenet - A fan's response to a criticism of Reservoir Dogs

(From Usenet)

The Tarantino Rediscovery Network - A Reuters/Variety article on Tarantino's revitalization of careers.

What happened to Mr. Pink - A comprehensive transcript of what EXACTLY happened to Mr. Pink once he left the building with the diamonds.

Influences vs Plagiarism - A discussion of Influences vs Plagiarism in Tarantino films from the Quentin Tarantino Mailing List

News of the Tarantino Age - Quentin Tarantino in the news

The Originality Debate - A debate that took place on the Quentin Tarantino Mailing list about the Originality or lack thereof in Q's films.

New York Times Interview - An interview with Quentin Tarantino from the New York Times.

The Tonight Show Interview - The interview with Tarantino from the Tonight Show.

The Screenplays

Pulp Fiction - The complete screenplay

Reservoir Dogs - The Final Shooting script, with some variations.

True Romance - Tarantino's early unshot draft

Four Rooms - The complete screenplay

Natural Born Killers - Tarantino's unshot draft

From Dusk Till Dawn - totally HTML'ed with notations made of scenes which were cut from the original film and a cast list.

Sleep With Me - Quentin's Top Gun Monologue

Jackie Brown - Now Available!

The Films Themselves

Jackie Brown

From Dusk Till Dawn

Other Information

Various Info - Interesting and important information about Quentin and his films.

Links and Stuff - A comprehensive listing of other Quentin Tarantino sites on the internet.

My Favorite Films - If you like Tarantino, Scorsese, Woo, and Rodriguez, there's a good chance we have similar taste in other films...

Trunkshots - A discussion, with examples of trunkshots in Tarantino films

Nice Guy Eddie -- The Band


The Rest of the Series

The Independents - Main Page

Martin Scorsese

John Woo

Robert Rodriguez

Drew's Script-O-Rama (Scripts to over 600 films and TV shows)



Quentin Tarantino, the man, the God.


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