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(Intersections among the films of Quentin Tarantino.)


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If you're keeping a copy of this list on your Web page or ftp site, please make sure it's up-to-date! I'm still getting mail from people offering corrections that I've already made. The newest, most updated version of this list is available on my own Web page at: I wish I had room to mention the names of all the folks who've e-mailed me with contributions. Trust me, without you guys, there wouldn't be much of an update. NEW!! I've done some minor re-organization to this file as of January 1996. "Dialogue" and "Movie & TV Show References" were both getting too numerous to fit into Section III (Thematic Elements), so I spun them off into new sections IV and V. Section III is still general Thematic Elements.


* RD = Reservoir Dogs * TR = True Romance * NBK = Natural Born Killers * PF = Pulp Fiction * FR = Four Rooms * FDTD = From Dusk Till Dawn

INTRODUCTORY MINI-FAQ Section (Read this before replying!!):

1. "Why isn't Tarantino's stuff from Sleep With Me listed here?"

Well, mainly because Tarantino's only part in Sleep With Me was a cameo, and therefore it could not be construed as a Tarantino film, but also because Tarantino's dialogue from that film doesn't intersect with anything from his films.

2. "What about Killing Zoe? Lots of cool QT stuff in there."

Killing Zoe was only co-produced by Tarantino. It was not directed or written by him. It was written by Tarantino's pal Roger Avery, and since the two doubtlessly share similar sensibilities, a good bit of the movie may feel somewhat Tarantino-esque.

3. "What about Romeo Is Bleeding?"

Romeo Is Bleeding has NOTHING to do with Quentin Tarantino. Next question!

4. "What about Crimson Tide? QT wrote some of that. Remember the Silver Surfer dialogue?"

Okay, okay, as of a recent version, I've added the Silver Surfer bit from Crimson Tide to this file. But that's all for now, only because we KNOW that Tarantino wrote those lines. Plenty of people have asked me about this, but to set the record straight, this list generally does not include references from Crimson Tide, even though Quentin Tarantino was hired to polish it up some. This is mainly because Tarantino wasn't given official credit for doing so. I may change my mind if/when I see the film again, but as for right now, it's not in here. Besides, since much of the screenplay was NOT written by Tarantino, it's going to be tricky picking out what part of it is his and what part of it isn't. (Tarantino was also asked to rewrite parts of It's Pat -- you know, the SNL character movie -- by his friend Julia Sweeney, but that's not in here either.)

5. "What is Four Rooms?"

Four Rooms is an anthology featuring interconnected scenes written and directed by four different directors. Quentin Tarantino directed only one of these segments, called "The Man From Hollywood". Hence, only references from that one segment will be included in this list.

6. "What is From Dusk Till Dawn"

From Dusk Till Dawn is a vampire shoot-'em-up movie which is currently in release. Although directed by Robert Rodriguez, the screenplay was written by Tarantino (like True Romance, which was directed by Tony Scott).

7. "Doesn't Samuel L. Jackson play the black cop in Reservoir Dogs, the one who coaches Freddie on his commode story?"

Nope. That character, whose name is Holdaway, is played by Randy Brooks.

8. "Doesn't Clarence eat a Big Kahuna burger in True Romance?"

Nope, not as far as I can see, having checked it. I don't know where that notion got started. If someone can point out evidence to the contrary, I'll take it into account.

9. "Where can I get scripts for these movies?"

This isn't a general Tarantino FAQ, but since I get this question so much, I'll reply to it. The answer is: BUY THEM. The screenplays for Reservoir Dogs and True Romance are available in a single volume released recently by Grove Press for $13.00. Pulp Fiction is available from Miramax Books/Hyperion for $9.95 ($12.95 in Canada).


* Alabama:

+ Unseen character in RD (Mr. White's ex-partner)
+ Character in TR

* Bonnie:

+ Unseen character in RD (doctor/nurse)
+ Unseen character in TR (colleague of Lee)
+ Minor character in PF (Jimmy's wife)

* Floyd:

+ Character in TR (Dick's roommate)
+ Minor character in TR (gangster?; called "Floyd 'D'")
+ Unseen character in PF (Wilson, Butch's boxing opponent)

* Jodie:

+ Minor character in RD (McCluskey, police computer operator -- cut from completed film)
+ Character in PF (Lance's girlfriend)

* Joe:

+ Character in RD (Cabot)
+ Minor character in TR (L.A. cop)
+ Unseen character in PF (Monster Joe)

* Koons :

+ Unseen character in RD (Craig, Vic's parole officer, original script only)
+ Character in PF (Captain Koons)

* Lance:

+ unseen character in TR (Clarence's boss)
+ Character in PF (last name?--played by Eric Stoltz)

* Marsellus:

+ Unseen character in RD (Spivey, used to move White's ice)
+ Character in PR (Wallace)

* Marvin:

+ Character in RD (Nash)
+ Minor character in TR (one of Coccotti's goons [?])NBK (interviewed by Wayne Gale; original script only)
+ Character in PF (last name unknown, Jules' informant)

* Nash:

+ Character in RD (Marvin)
+ Character in NBK (Gerald)
+ Minor character in NBK (prison guard or inmate)

* Newendyke:

+ Character in RD (Freddie)
+ Minor character in NBK (rioting inmate)

* Scagnetti:

+ Unseen character in RD (Seymour, Vic's parole officer)
+ Character in NBK (Jack)

* Spivey:

+ Unseen character in RD (Marcellus)
+ Character in TR (Drexel)
+ Minor character in NBK (rioting inmate; original script?)

* Toothpick Vic:

+ Nickname of Mr. Blonde in RD
+ One of Cocotti's men in TR [script only]

* Vega:

+ Character in RD (Vic)
+ Character in TR (Virgil; confirm?)
+ Character in PF (Vincent)

* Vincent:

+ Character in TR (Cocotti)
+ Character in PF (Vega)


* Arquette Siblings:

+ Patricia plays Alabama in TR
+ Rosanne plays Jody in PF
+ Alexis plays Fourth Man in PF

* Kirk Baltz:

+ Plays Marvin Nash in RD
+ Plays Roger in NBK

* Lawrence Bender:

+ Plays Young Cop in RD
+ Plays Long-haired Yuppie Scum in PF
+ (also was producer of both films)

* Steve Buscemi:

+ Plays Mr. Pink in RD
+ Plays Buddy Holly in PF

* Paul Calderon:

+ Plays English Dave in PF
+ Plays Norman in FR

* Kathy Griffin:

+ Plays Gawker #2 in PF
+ Plays Betty in FR

* Samuel L. Jackson

+ Plays Big Don in TR
+ Plays Jules Winfield in PF

* Harvey Keitel:

+ Plays Mr. White/Larry in RD
+ Plays Winston Wolfe in PF
+ Plays Jacob in FDTD

* Juliette Lewis:

+ Plays Mallory Knox in NBK
+ Plays Kate in FDTD

* Chris Penn:

+ Plays Nice Guy Eddie in RD
+ Plays Officer Nicky Dimes in TR

* Tim Roth:

+ Mr. Orange/Freddie in RD
+ Pumpkin in PF
+ Plays Ted in FR

* Tom Sizemore:

+ Plays Officer Cody Nicholson in TR
+ Plays Jack Scagnetti in NBK

* Quentin Tarantino

+ Plays Mr. Brown in RD
+ Plays Jimmy in PF
+ Plays Chester Rush in FR
+ Plays Ritchie Gecko in FDT

* Christopher Walken:

+ Plays Vincent Coccotti in TR
+ Plays General Koons in PF

* Bruce Willis

+ Plays Butch Coolidge in PF
+ Plays Leo in FR

* Steven Wright

+ Plays K-Billy (voice) in RD
+ Plays Dr. Emil Reingold in NBK


* Bathrooms--people being in them while guns are used outside

+ Clarence in TR (Lee's hotel room)
+ "Fourth Man" in TR (Brett's apartment)
+ Vincent in PF (diner)
+ Ranger in FDTD (gas station)

* Bear claw:

+ Eaten by surveilliance cop in RD
+ Carried by Gerald Nash in NBK

* Big Kahuna burger:

+ Eaten by Brett & Jules in PF
+ Eaten by Seth in FDTD

* Blood-covered interior of 1974 Chevy Nova:

+ Stolen car in RD
+ Jules' car in PF

* Camera angle from inside car trunk:

+ POV of Marvin Nash in RD
+ POV of Jules' and Vincent's weapons in PF
+ POV of Gloria in FDTD

* Charles Bronson:

+ Mentioned by Mr. Brown in RD
+ Mentioned by Mr. White in RD
+ Mentioned by Drexel in TR

* Charles Whitman (mass murderer):

+ Mentioned in TR by Virgil
+ Mentioned in NBK by Scagnetti

* Chesterfield cigarettes:

+ Offered by Mr. White to Mr. Pink in RD
+ Offered by Cocotti to Mr. Worley in TR

* Cocaine use:

+ By various characters in TR
+ By Mia in PF

* County prison:

+ Mentioned by Mr. Orange in RD
+ Mentioned by Winston Wolfe in PF

* Comic book superheroes:

+ Silver Surfer displayed in Freddie's room in RD
+ Freddie mentions the Fantastic Four in RD
+ Clarence is a comic book fan (and store employee) in TR
+ Silver Surfer discussed in CT (CRIMSON TIDE)

* Condiments, excessive use of:

+ Holdaway in RD (ketchup; original script)
+ Clarence in TR (sugar)
+ People in Holland in PF (mayonnaise on french fries)

* Contemplative mirror auto-conversations:

+ Freddie in RD
+ Clarence in TR
+ Vincent in PF

* Critically wounded/ill character being driven to get help:

+ Mr. Orange in RD
+ Mia in PF

* Diners:

+ Joe and company in RD
+ Mickey and Mallory in NBK
+ Pumpkin and Honeybunny in PF
+ Jules and Vincent in PF

* Eating pussy:

+ Discussed by Floyd, Big Don & Drexl in TR
+ Mentioned by Jules and Vincent in PF
+ Fantasized by Ritchie in FDTD
+ Hawked by (Cheech Marin character?) in FDTD

* Elvis Presley:

+ Clarence and woman in bar discuss him in TR
+ Clarence's "mentor" is meant to be him in TR
+ Mia calls Vincent an "Elvis man" in PF (original script)

* "Flock of Seagulls" haircut:

+ Bishop in NBK (original script)
+ Roger in PF

* "Fruit Brute" cereal:

+ Seen in Freddie's apartment in RD
+ Seen in Lance's house in PF

* Hiding valuables under a bed:

+ Cocaine hidden under Alabama's bed in TR
+ Briefcase hidden under Brett and Roger's bed in PF (original script)

* Joke about an Italian, a Frenchman, and a Pole

+ Joe Cabot tells part of it in RD (original script)
+ Mickey considers telling it in NBK (original script)

* Los Angeles:

+ PF and part of TR take place in L.A.

* Madonna:

+ Discussed in RD
+ Mentioned by Fabienne in PF

* Max Julien:

+ Mentioned as actor from The Mack in TR
+ [Asked in to read for part of Marcellus in PF by Q.T.]

* McDonalds:

+ Mentioned by Mr. Pink in RD
+ Discussed by Jules and Vincent in PF

* Mexican standoff:

+ Between Joe, Mr. White and Eddie in RD
+ Between Lee's men, cops and mafia in TR
+ Between cops, Mickey and Scagnetti in NBK
+ Between Jules, Honeybunny and Pumpkin in PF

* Mobile phone conversations:

+ Nice Guy Eddie and Dove in RD
+ Lee and Elliot in TR
+ Vincent and Lance in PF
+ Jules and Jimmy in PF

* Pam Grier:

+ Mentioned in RD
+ Used as an archetype for Bonnie in PF (night-nurse
+ character from Coffy)
+ Asked in to read for part of Jodie in PF by Tarantino

* Pie:

+ Alabama likes pie after watching a movie in TR
+ Mickey enjoys a piece of pie at the beginning of NBK
+ Fabienne wants to eat pie for breakfast in PF
+ "Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie" -- Jules in PF

* Prison breakouts

+ Mickey & Mallory in NBK
+ Seth in FDTD (referred to)

* Red Apple cigarettes:

+ Bought by Butch in PF
+ Seen in FR

* Sensationalist TV reporters:

+ Wayne Gale in NBK
+ Kelly Houge in FDTD

* Sodomy in prison:

+ Discussed by Nice Guy Eddie and Vic in RD
+ Described by Dimes and Nichols to Elliot in TR
+ Forced on Marcellus by Zed and Maynard in PF

* Susanville Prison:

+ Marsellus Spivey is incarcerated there in RD
+ Mickey Knox spent time there in NBK (original script)

* Topless bars:

+ Sally LeRoy's in PF
+ The Titty Twister in FDTD

* Torture of bound victim:

+ Of Marvin Nash in RD
+ Of Mr. Worley in TR
+ Of Butch and Marcellus in PF
+ Of Gloria in FDTD

* Tough, bald crimeboss:

+ Joe Cabot in RD
+ Marcellus Wallace in PF

* Vietnam:

+ Lee and Clarence discuss Vietnam movies in TR
+ Butch's father killed in Vietnam in PF
+ (character name?) tells Vietnam story in FDTD

* Waiters/Waitresses, quality of:

+ Debated by Mr. Pink and others in RD
+ Remark by Vincent about "Buddy Holly" in PF

* Washing blood off:

+ Mr. White in RD
+ Vincent and Jules in PF

* Young couples on a crime spree:

+ Mickey and Mallory in NBK
+ Pumpkin and Honeybunny in PF

* Zippo lighters:

+ Seen in RD, TR, NBK, PF and FDTD


* "According to Hoyle"

+ Spoken by Holdaway in RD (original script)
+ Spoken by Wayne Gale in NBK (original script)
+ Spoken by Jules in PF

* "diddled-eyed Joe to a damned-if-I-know":

+ Spoken by Holdaway in RD
+ Spoken by Drexel in TR

* "Eeny-meenie-miney-mo"

+ Spoken by Mallory in NBK
+ Spoken by Zed in PF

* "Joe _______":

+ "Joe the Pot Man" spoken by Mr. Orange in RD
+ "Joe Cocaine" spoken by Dick in TR
+ "Joe Fuckin' Hollywood" spoken by Clarence in TR

* "Okay ramblers, let's get rambling":

+ Spoken by Joe in RD
+ Spoken by Seth in FDTD

* "Supercool":

+ Spoken by Mr. Orange in RD
+ Spoken by French kids in NBK
+ Spoken by Wayne Gale in NBK (original script)
+ Spoken by Jules in PF (confirm?)

* "Why are you trying to... fuck ________?"

+ Spoken by Clarence about himself to Lee in TR
+ Spoken by Jules about Marcellus to Brett in PF


* Real movies:

+ Apocolypse Now mentioned in TR
+ A Better Tomorrow Part 2 seen in TR
+ Bigfoot Vs. Snakebite seen in TR
+ Bullitt mentioned in TR
+ The Deer Hunter mentioned in TR
+ Dr. Zhivago mentioned in TR
+ Freejack seen in TR
+ The Good, The Bad and The Ugly mentioned in TR
+ The Great Escape mentioned in RD
+ The Incredible One-Armed Boxer Versus The Master of the Flying Guillotine seen in TR (early scripts only)
+ Jailhouse Rock mentioned in TR
+ The Losers seen in PF
+ The Lost Boys mentioned in RD
+ The Mack seen in TR
+ Mad Max mentioned in TR
+ Mr. Majestyk mentioned in TR
+ Midnight Express seen in NBK
+ Night of the Lepus seen in NBK
+ Rio Bravo mentioned in TR
+ Rumble Fish mentioned in TR (early scripts only)
+ Scarface seen in NBK
+ Stay Tuned seen in TR
+ The StreetFighter kung fu trilogy seen in TR
+ The WildBunch seen in NBK
+ Yinghung Bunsik II seen in TR

* Real TV shows:

+ "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" mentioned in FR
+ "Baretta" mentioned in RD
+ "Bewitched" seen in TR (early script only)
+ "Clutch Cargo" seen in PF
+ "Cops" mentioned in PF
+ "Get Christy Love" mentioned in RD
+ "Green Acres" mentioned in PF
+ "Hee Haw" mentioned in RD (cut from completed film)
+ "Kung Fu" mentioned in PF
+ "Leave It To Beaver" seen in NBK
+ "The Partridge Family" mentioned in TR
+ "Santa Barbara" seen in TR
+ "77 Sunset Strip" seen in NBK
+ "T.J. Hooker" mentioned in TR

* Fictitious TV shows/movies:

+ "I Love Mallory" in NBK
+ Coming Home In A Body Bag in TR
+ "Fox Force Five" in PF
+ The Return of T.J. Hooker in TR

Scott Hollifield * *

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