Quentin Tarantino films and Trunk shots. What do they mean? Well, most likely, nothing. They are just used often, that's it. Here are three examples:

Reservoir Dogs Trunkshot

Reservoir Dogs

Pulp Fiction Trunkshot

Pulp Fiction

From Dusk Till Dawn Trunkshot

From Dusk Till Dawn

As long as your telling me what you feel, I'll tell you my opinion:

Any film you can see will have shots similar to other directors. Are you gonna tell me that if one director dollies a shot a certain way that no one else can use that dolly?!?! Hell no. If a director sees a shot he likes in another film, and he feels that it will work in his film, he has every right in the world to use that shot. It is a generally accepted practice in film. If you accuse a director of stealing, every time he uses a shot that has been used before, then you should be accusing EVERY SINGLE director who has ever directed a film! Deal with it. I'm sure that Martin Scorsese doesn't care, why should you?

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