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Nice Guy Eddie featured on TDK web site for unsigned bands!

For the month of October, Nice Guy Eddie was featured on the TDK Web site which helps to promote unsigned bands.
Thank you, TDK!

SNIPE HUNT has been released!

So, who exactly is Nice Guy Eddie? Well, if you say a character in Quentin Tarantino's 1992 film "Reservoir Dogs", you're only partially correct. It is also a Gainesville, Florida based band. And they're good, too.

The quartet was formed in Gainesville, FL, around June, 1994. They have been playing around the Gainesville area since January of 1995. In May, 1995 they released a five song cassette, which they recorded at Mirror Image Studios. In July 1996, their first Compact Disc, Snipe Hunt, was released.

Read a couple reviews of their new album 'Snipe Hunt'.

The Band consists of the following members:
Jeff Emminger - drums, vocals
Chris Jackson - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Ken McAnlis - guitar, vocals
Paul Miller - bass, vocals

Just itching to hear a sample of the music? Well, here is a clip from each of the 9 songs on the Compact Disc:
All clips are in WAV format.

Never Saw The Sun (253k - 23 seconds)
She Don't Love Me (198k - 18 seconds)
Memoirs (187k - 17 seconds)
Feast Or Famine (258k - 24 seconds)
From Where I Slept (280k - 26 seconds)
What A Difference (290k - 27 seconds)
Rainbow (270k - 25 seconds)
Doorstep (320k - 30 seconds)
The Right Direction (240k - 33 seconds)

Interested in purchasing a copy of the CD? The cost is $7 per CD (shipping is included) and you can order it directly from the band either by writing to:
Nice Guy Eddie
c/o Chris Jackson
1906 Dekle Ave, Unit I
Tampa, FL 33606
OR you can leave a message on their voice mail at:
Please make all checks payable to Chris Jackson. Also, you may reach them via e-mail at
The above phone # can also be used for booking purposes.

Nice Guy Eddie Logo

Also available are Nice Guy Eddie shirts! Be the first on your block to have Nice Guy Eddie merchandise! The T-shirts are white, 100% cotton heavy weight with the above logo on the front. They are $10 and available in Large and Xtra-Large. You can order them through the same ways as the CD. Specify L or XL. (Remember to make checks payable to Chris Jackson.)

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