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OK, well there are a few people (or is that "a lot" of people..) who are still confused about the order of time in 'Pulp Fiction so here is a sequential list. Now, I didn't write this myself, I pulled it off the internet quite a while ago. Unfortunately, it didn't have an author credited, so I can't say who wrote it. If it's wrong, it's his fault. It looks good to me though, and I think that some people will find it very helpful.


Day 1

Vincent and Jules are in the car discussing "carpool" talk (e.g. quarter pounder in Paris is called a Royale) They are going to an apartment to retrieve Marcellus' attache case and the property within, and to kill the occupants. It is a hit. There is a third man hiding in the bathroom. He bursts out shooting and miraculously misses hitting Jules and Vincent. Jules experiences an epiphany.

Vincent and Jules take Marvin (their man inside) into their car to go to Marcellus' bar, but Vincent accidentally blows off Marvin's head, causing a very large bloody mess in the car. Jules calls "Jimmy", and they drive there to find a way to get out of the unfortunate mess Vincent has gotten them into. Jimmy calls Marcellus (his uncle by marriage to the unseen Bonnie). Marcellus summons Wolf (the fixer), and he is dispatched to Jimmy's house. Jules and Vincent clean up the car, change into those ridiculous shorts and t-shirts provided by Jimmy after they have cleaned off the blood and brain pulp from their bodies. They follow Wolf to the auto shop and the car and the body are safely disposed of.

Day 1 (later that morning)

Jules and Vincent go to a diner to eat before going to Marcellus' bar to drop off the attache case. Jules continues his discussion of the miracle he felt he witnessed, and that he is going to be leaving "the life". Vincent interrupts to go to the bathroom. Two psychopaths decide to stage a robbery at the diner where they feel they can score big, and hold everyone at bay with guns and threats of murder. They collect wallets, and are confronted by Jules when he refuses to give up the attache case. Through intimidation, Jules gets back his wallet, but gives the robbers his money. He does not kill them, he explains, because of this recent miracle he experienced.

Day 1 (later that morning)

Vincent and Jules go to Marcellus' bar (still dressed in shorts and t-shirts) to deliver their cache. They have to wait because Marcellus is talking to a washed-up palooka boxer named Butch. Butch is being paid off to throw a fight the next night. As Butch leaves, he and Vincent verbally tee off, but Butch backs down and leaves. Jules and the bartender are exchanging amusing looks with reference to Vincent's evening assignment. He is to escort Marcellus' wife, Mia, out for the evening. Vincent and Jules have talked about this before, while they were waiting to burst into the apartment on their hit.

Day 1 (early evening)

Vincent is dressed for the evening with a trenchcoat over a black suit. He goes to his drug dealer's house and buys heroin. The dealer puts it in a baggie. Vincent shoots up, and then leaves for his evening with Mia. Mia awaits Vincent with surveillance cameras. While he waits for her, she snorts coke and then makes her appearance.

They go a bizarre retro 50's club. They eat, talk, and enter a dance contest, which they win. Back at Mia's house, Vincent goes to the bathroom to try and figure out how he can leave without getting into trouble. While he is in the bathroom, Mia sings and dances around the room. She finds the heroin in Vincent's pocket, and thinking it is coke, snorts. She OD's and Vincent rushes her to his dealer's house in hopes of getting help. With the help of a giant hypodermic full of adrenaline, Mia is revived. Vincent takes her home, and they both agree that Marcellus never need know of the events of the evening.

Day 2 (early evening)

Flashback sequence to the story of Butch and his father's watch and its travels. Return to present, and Butch jumps up, ready for his fight.. However, instead of throwing the fight, he KO's his opponent, and kills him. He jumps into a cab and goes to the motel where his girlfriend is waiting. They make love and go to sleep. Marcellus is furious, and orders Butch found and killed.

Day 3 (early in the morning)

In the morning, Butch realizes that his girlfriend forgot his watch back in his apartment. Giving it's history, Butch is furious, and decides to tempt fate and go back to his apartment for his watch.

Marcellus has put out a hit, and dispatched Vincent to wait for Butch should he return to his apartment. Butch does return, but as Vincent is once again in the bathroom, and is able not only to retrieve his watch, but to kill Vincent as well. Vincent's story is done.

Butch feels lucky. He drives away with a smile, listening to "Flowers on the Wall" on the radio, and literally bangs into Marcellus on the street carrying burgers and cokes. There is a bloody confrontation, and Marcellus chases Butch into a sleazy gun shop. The owner knocks them out, calls his friend, and then brings them both down to the basement,which we quickly find out is an S/M playground. Marcellus is chosen to be the victim first, and Butch is able to untie himself and flee. On the way out, he decides to go back and save Marcellus. He chooses his weapon from a vast array. It is a Samurai sword, and his glee is apparent. Marcellus is being raped by one of the men, and Butch saves him by shooting the other guy. Marcellus is appropriately thankful and decides that whatever ill-will existed between he and Butch before, it is now a dead issue. Butch is free to go, providing he never mention this to anyone, or come back to L.A. again.

Butch rides off on "Grace", one of the soon to be dead guy's chopper, and returns to the waiting arms of his girlfriend back at the motel. They ride off into the sunset, to Knoxville, happily. He is the winner in a story of losers.

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