Here is a pretty good selection of MY favorite films.


I can't guarantee that you will like them, but hey, give 'em a chance.

BTW, this ain't all of them. But it's a good start.


  • A Clockwork Orange (R)

  • Airheads (PG-13)

  • Apollo 13 (PG)

  • Bad Lieutenant (NC-17 or R)
    (Get the NC-17 version if possible, the R-Rated version bites)

  • Barton Fink (R)

  • Basketball Diaries (R)

  • Bob Roberts (R)

  • Braveheart (R)

  • Brothers McMullen, The (R)

  • Broken Arrow (R)

  • Blood Simple (R)

  • Blue Steel (R)

  • Bugsy (R)

  • Casino (R)

  • Citizen Kane (PG)

  • Clean, Shaven (Unrated)
    With Peter Greene (Zed in PF)

  • Clerks (R)

  • Clueless (PG-13)

  • Clockers (R)

  • ColdBlooded (R)
    (With Jason Priestley as a hitman, it's hilarious!)

  • Cold Comfort Farm

  • Color of Money (R)

  • Courage Under Fire (R)

  • Dead Man Walking (R)

  • Dead Alive (Unrated and R)
    (Get the Unrated version, DO NOT GET THE R-RATED VERSION)

  • Deer Hunter (R)

  • Deliverance (R)

  • Desperado (R)

  • Disclosure (R)

  • Ed Wood (R)

  • El Mariachi (R)

  • Fahrenheit 451 (PG)

  • Fargo (R)

  • Full Metal Jacket (R)

  • Fresh (R)

  • The Frighteners (R)

  • Forrest Gump (PG-13)

  • Goodfellas (R)

  • Godfather, The (R)

  • Godfather 2, The (R)

  • Graduate, The (PG)

  • Grapes of Wrath, The (NR)

  • Hard Boiled (R and Unrated) Available LTBX and Subbed

  • Hate (La Haine) (R)

  • Heat (R)

  • Heavenly Creatures (R)

  • Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer (Unrated)
    (Get the Unrated, Unedited version)

  • Hudsucker Proxy, The (PG-13)

  • Jaws (PG)

  • Killer, The (R)

  • Killing Zoe (R)

  • Last Seduction, The (R)

  • Last Tango in Paris (X and R)
    (Get the X-rated version if possible. Marlon Brando's best performance.)

  • La Femme Nikita (R)

  • Love and a '45 (R)

  • Man Bites Dog (NC-17 and Edited Unrated)
    (Get the NC-17 version if possible, the Unrated version is EDITED)

  • Mallrats (R)
    (Clerks was so much better, but this is still pretty good.)

  • Miller's Crossing (R)

  • Mean Streets (R)

  • Meet the Feebles (Unrated)
    (Only available as Unrated as far as I know.)

  • Mr. Stitch (PG-13)
    (One weird film.)

  • Mystery Train (R)

  • Patriot Games (R)

  • Point Break (R)

  • Primal Fear (R)

  • Professional, The (R)
    (aka Leon)

  • Pulp Fiction (R)

  • Psycho

  • Queen Margot (R)

  • Quiz Show (R)

  • Raging Bull (R)

  • Raising Arizona (R)

  • Rear Window

  • Reservoir Dogs (R)

  • River Wild, The (PG-13)

  • Red Rock West (R)

  • Rock, The (R)

  • Scarface (R)

  • Se7en (R)

  • Shawshank Redemption (R)

  • Shining, The (R)

  • Stargate (R)

  • Smoke (R)

  • Sleepwalkers (R)

  • Suspiria (Unrated and R)
    (1977, Italian, try to get the letterboxed version which is uncut)

  • Swimming with Sharks (R)

  • Taxi Driver (R)

  • Three Colors -- Red, White and Blue. (R)
    (Three separate films, all foreign, all great IMO.)

  • Terminator, The (R)

  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day (R)

  • To Die For (R)

  • Toy Story (G)

  • True Romance (R and Unrated)
    (Get the Unrated Director's Cut version)

  • Trust (R)

  • Trainspotting (R)

  • Twenty Bucks (R)

  • Usual Suspects (R)

  • Vertigo (PG)

  • Wes Craven's New Nightmare (R)

  • Wild At Heart (R)

  • The Wild Bunch (R)

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