TarantinoWorld, You Crazy Kids!

The best QT site on the net, has a ton of QT stuff, including lotsa links. *NO LONGER UPDATED*

Mr. Brown's Movie Reviews Site

A bunch of great Movie reviews, including one of FDTD and other QT films.


Movie Madness

A site containing merchandise from many Popular Movie and Television shows. And now, I am told, they carry autographs of Pulp Fiction cast members, including the Big Man himself, Quentin Tarantino. Along with a collection of PF hats and Shirts.

Yahoo - Entertainment:Movies and Films:Directors:Tarantino, Quentin

Yahoo's List of pages about the big man.

Newsgroup: alt.fan.tarantino

The Tarantino Newsgroup

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino Home Page

The Tarantino Scrapbook

A nice little site with quite a bit of good information.

Reservoir Dogs

A pretty good dogs site.


A UK site with some great stuff.


A site with various Tarantino stuff.

Karl Sjoberg's Movie Page

Pages for John Woo, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, and Hong Kong Movies New and Old.

The Not-Quite-Definative Quentin Tarantino Page

A bunch of pictures and links, a nice site.

Mr. Cranky's Movie Reviews

A great film review site featuring a reviewer who is, well, a little cranky.

Chris's Movie Page

An awesome site, loaded with all kinds of informations, multimedia and some cool pictures. Fully Netscape 2.0 Enhanced. Not recommended for low bandwidth. Text browser, don't even bother.

Drew's Script O'Rama

A great page with links to all the film scripts on the internet.

Quicktime scenes from Pulp Fiction

A nice selection of scenes from Pulp Fiction in Quicktime format off of the Japanese laserdisc!

Fox Force Five

An excellent page all about the Mia Wallace's tv pilot "Fox Force Five". Very well put together, this is a great page, I highly recommend it.

The Film Lodge

A very attractive and well designed page that has a few movie scripts and lots of movie links and stuff. Very nice site, highly recommended. The webmaster is currently working on scanning the Four Rooms script! Wild At Heart and Blue Velvet scripts are there now.

Axcess Magazine's QT Interview

The article about Quentin from Axcess magazine.

A Few More...


CD Now!

CD Now! sells CD's, Laserdiscs, Soundtracks, Videotapes. They have tapes and laserdiscs of RD, TR, PF, etc..

Class Act Posters - Movie Posters for Sale

Ralph has a pretty good selection. I have ordered from him on several occasions and have found him quite reliable. Most of his posters are $13 plus 3.75 postage, with some cheaper, and some more expensive. Check out his web page for .gifs of many of the posters.

CyberCinema - Movie Posters for sale

I've never actually ordered from him before, but he has a nice web page. They also have a pretty good selection. Prices are $20 each for most, postage included.

The Posterboard- Alternative Movie Posters For Sale

The Posterboard sells alternative movie posters. He has a great selection of Tarantino related film posters, including mural and standard size Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction posters, plus many promotional posters in mural and standard size, also.

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