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Reservoir Dogs

Here is an interesting piece of information from Laura Stuart

"My dad and I sat down one day to watch Reservoir Dogs. Since it was my jillionthtime to see it, I decided to count how many times the word fuck or a derivative of it was used. I imagine someone else must have done this, but the number that I came up with (give or take) was 259. It was a great way to spend my Christmas vacation."


Crimson Tide

QT did uncredited rewrites for Crimson Tide, do you know which scenes he wrote?

In the June,1995 issue of Premiere magazine there is an article on Crimson Tide. In it it gave a detailed list of what wrote. QT was hired to rewrite the characters and develop them.

"Characters suddenly possessed odd obsessions (for Guiness stout and Lipizzan Stallions), the captain was given a perverse attachment to his pet dog, and meta-references to submarine movies were sprinkled throughout the text."

-Page 100 -June 1995 -Premiere Magazine

From Dusk Till Dawn

This information is courtesy of and was confirmed by Quentin Tarantino on the audio commentary of From Dusk Till Dawn:

Begin -------

Here's a bit of info I thought you might be interested in ... I had read a while ago that Salma Hayek was playing the lead vampire stripper named "Satanico Pandemonium", replacing the character named "Blonde Death" in the original script. The new name was much better in my opinion and I wondered how QT had come up with it, especially since the first name ends with "O" and female spanish names end in "A" 's generally. Anyway, last night I was flipping through the "Midnight Video" catalog and stumbled by chance over a film entitled "Satanico Pandemonium: La Sexorcista"! Apparently, QT is a fan of this film (as probably are White Zombie since their 1992 album was entitled "La Sexorcisto"). Here is Midnight Video's description of the film ... "...the 1975 Spanish language rarity from Gilberto Solares which deals with the torture, inquisition, gore and nudity within the Devil infested churches and convents of the 18th century. A nun, possessed by the Devil, uses her body to commit Satanic acts involving sex and mutilation within the convent ..."

------- End

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Book Recommendations

I highly recommend that you go get a copy of Jami Bernard's "Quentin Tarantino, The Man and His Movies". It is $13 U.S., $18 Canada. It is an excellent resource on the life and films of Quentin Tarantino. ISBN 0-06-095161-3

I would also like to recommend Robert Rodriguez's "journal" of the making of El Mariachi. The novel begins withIt begins with an introduction, and then goes into a journal beginning with his entrance into a research hospitalto pay for the film and continues throughout the making and eventual whirlwind recruiting of the Major Studios. A great read, and highly reccomended for ANY fan or admirer of Rodriguez's work.ISBN 0-525-93794-3

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