From: (Wowie Zowie) Subject: The ultimate fate of Mr. Pink in RESERVOIR DOGS

Okay, I've read the FAQ, I've done my homework, now it's time to post my findings. At long last (to my satisfaction at least), the answer to what exactly happened to Mr. Pink during the closing moments of Reservoir Dogs.

I don't know if anyone else has attempted to make and post a transcript of the exterior noise and dialogue from the moment Mr. Pink exits the garage, but here's my version. For the sake of accuracy, I went back and forth over these last couple of minutes on laserdisc, pen and pad in hand, fiddling with the amp dials to get the clearest sound possible. I only took note of distinct sounds and voices. All the following dialogue is confirmed as accurate. Yes, some of the dialogue IS lost under the main narrative voices of Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth, but you can make out plenty of what's happening outside if you listen real close (as I did with my bionic ears).

There are four sound files available containing the sounds from the movie, amplified 400% so it is easier to hear the dialogue in the background. Just click on the links in the transcript below.

Here we go:


SOUND - car door (Mr. Pink getting in a car)
SOUND - engine (He has trouble getting it started)
SOUND - Engine starts, tires squeal (Off he goes!)
SOUND - More tire squealing, shots (Here come the cops!)
SOUND - Lots more tire squealing, sirens, and shots (Mr. Pink probably puts up a fight)

Sometime during this shoot out, Mr. Pink's car apparently gets stopped because the next thing we hear is cops, guns obviously trained on him, shouting.

COP - "Get out of the car!"
COP - "Get your hands on the dash!"
COP - "Throw the gun out!"

The cops apparently don't have a real clear idea what they want him to do, or in what order, but it sounds like they've got him. The next line confirms this.

MR. PINK - "Don't shoot, I've been shot goddamnit!"

Oh no, not even the super-cool Mr. Pink gets through the movie unscathed. Rest assured, though, his wound doesn't sound too bad. In fact, he sounds more pissed off than wounded.

At this point, Mr. White's moaning over Mr. Orange's admission completely obscures what's happening outside. After he quiets down a bit, we can hear more...

COP - "Don't move!"
COP - "Don't fucking move!"

The cops are still shouting, but they sound a little calmer, like Mr. Pink is complying.

COP - "Are you a cop killer? Did you kill a cop?"

If they're asking him this, it's safe to say they've got him unarmed, out of the car, and on the ground. The final bit of dialogue caps it.

COP - "Get your hands behind your back!"

On go the cuffs, and poor Mr. Pink gets to take the rap for the pile of bodies produced that afternoon.

One other thing I'd like to add is about the three-way shoot out. I remember there was a lot of debate about this one, especially about who got Eddie.

After going through the shooting a dozen times, I can confirm that Mr. White DOES fire twice, killing Joe, then Eddie. I WOULD say, however, that Harvey Keitel doesn't alter his aim quite enough to get a clean shot at Eddie. This is, I would say, a slight error in the action rather than a goof of logic.

And despite what the FAQ says, I'm pretty sure Eddie shoots Mr. White only once -- the gut shot.

Shane - Montreal

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