Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith was born on August 2, 1970 in Red Bank, New Jersey. In 1994, Smith wrote and directed a film called Clerks based on his experiences working in a convenience store in Red Bank, New Jersey. Clerks, his first film, caught the eye of indie film god John Pierson and wound up seeing the light of day at the Sundance film festival. This hilarious film was picked up by Miramax films and distributed nation wide. The 92 minute black and white film was very well recieved and made many times more than initial cost of only $27,000 (before Miramax got hold of it and added a million dollar soundtrack). Clerks was named one of the Year's Top 10 films by Time, The Village Voice, and the Chicago Sun-Times. For his second film, he went to Gramercy films and made the film Mallrats. However, the film was ultimately released after much studio editing and very little promotion. The film did poorly at the box office and ultimately led Kevin to apologize for the film at the Independent Spirit Awards. For his third film, Smith redeemed himself more than any other director could have. The film Chasing Amy was shot on a budget of less than $500,000 and premiered at the Sundance film festival where it was greeted with a standing ovation at it's conclusion. Released nationwide by Miramax, the film was on the top of the exclusives box office for many weeks and eventually did very well in a less limited release.

After a "failed" (kinda) attempt to bring Clerks to television in the form of an animated television show, Smith wrote and directed "Dogma", a comedy about fallen angels attempting to return to heaven by way of catholicism. After Dogma, his Clerks tv series did wind up seeing the air, never in a permanent form, but did decently in ratings. In 2004, Smith released Jersey Girl. 'nough said. Smith recently returned to the characters which started his career, directing the cast in a sequel to Clerks, named, well, Clerks II.



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  • - Chasing Amy - The complete original screenplay.
  • - Jersey Girl - Transcript
  • - Mallrats - Transcript
  • - Superman Lives - Kevin's unused script
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